Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a work out

Hey, everbody, Greg here… What you see here is my blog but it’s usually typed by Brian or Lisa. Today they are on the road, so I phoned it in.

Yesterday Brian & I helped a friend move and boy did we get a workout! Our friend is a fitness fanatic. This guy’s basement is more of a gym than most gyms! We moved a treadmill, a stair machine, over 300 pounds of free-weights, pairs of dumbbells ranging from 2.5 pounds up to 75 pounds each and the weight racks probably weighed 50 pounds each! That’s not to mention the furniture, big screen tv and recording studio equipment (speakers, desks and all sorts of musical equipment). Oh, and did I mention the Harley?! Whew! I’m sure we burned a few calories but being able to help a friend out makes it all worthwhile.

Okay on with my low carb stuff – since I’m not much of a cook yet, I’ve been sticking to some pretty simple meals but for me that’s okay. Being a bachelor, I’m used to that! Cream cheese on low carb wheat toast for breakfast every morning with my large cup of coffee is how I start my day. Sometimes I have the same thing for lunch. If I get busy during the day and skip lunch, I have an early dinner – which is usually a pretty big, low carb dinner to make up for skipping lunch.

Wow! This is the most I’ve blogged! I’ll catch you later. Oh, yeah, my next weigh in is tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how much more I’ve lost – I’ll let you know. See ya, Greg.

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