Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nine Pounds

Good Morning! Greg here.  After my weigh in on Monday, I had lost another four pounds for a total weight loss of nine pounds in two weeks.  For me so far, the low carb life style has been relatively easy.  As I have been hanging around Brian and Lisa for almost fifteen years I was around when they decided to start the low carb life some three years ago.  I guess in that time, I learned the basics of low carb by watching what they bought at the store, dinner get togethers, and learning how to count the impact carbs on the back of can goods and other food products.  I see Brian pretty much everyday and in the course of a day we talk about low carb foods not because we dont have anything else to talk about, but they're always making something new.  Sometimes I get lazy and instead of looking at the back of the can at the store, I'll ask Brian if somethings ok to eat before I go to the store.  I hope to have some new pictures when I hit the twenty pound mark.  If the pounds keep coming off like they have been, that should be in two weeks or so.  Well that's all for now. Talk to you later!

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